Engage provides solutions to meet your needs

We Listen! Our approach is centred on the person, their needs, their goals, which is why we like to start by meeting you and getting to know you. That way we can hear what you want, what you have difficulty with, what form of solution/s we need to consider that will help you to achieve your goals. This analysis then informs the decisions we make together on the best way forward.

We draw a lot of different areas together

What do you get when you combine a communication expert, with a specialist in assistive technologies and education and an expert engineer along with a network of their associates and throw in nearly 100 years of experience? A Solution To Your Needs.
Nicola Dann 0419 018 424
We provide a range of therapeutic services aimed at helping you find the best ways to express yourself and communicate with others. We take an holistic approach which can incorporate the latest in practical assistive technologies.
Jeff Neal Ph: 0408 589 734
The latest in assistive technology can deliver true independence. It is essential the technology is matched to your needs, the way you want to engage with it and you are provided with the training and assistance to use it effectively.
David Kortholt 0412 664 893
If you have a need then we can source a ready made item to suit you, modify it if necessary and if it doesn't exist we will look at creating it for you. We also implement Environmental Control Solutions on a scale to suit you and your budget. There are a wide range of control methods these days to give you full independent control.